Alcohol Map 2:00AM vs 5:00AM

Ordinance 2016-4046 passed May 11, 2016

Map shows area outlined in white that must cease selling alcohol at 2am indoors and midnight at outdoor sidewalk cafe. Previously the hours were 5am.

Zone CD-1 and CD-2  Alcohol Establishments, Sec. 142-279 and 142-310

(a)   The following additional regulations shall apply to alcoholic beverage establishments, whether as a main use, conditional use, or accessory use, that are located on the west side of Alton Road and east of Alton Court, between 6th Street and 11th Street, and between 14th Street and Collins Canal; and properties on the east side of West Avenue, between Lincoln Road and 17th Street except alcoholic beverage establishments fronting Lincoln Road between West Avenue and Alton Road,:

(1)   Operations shall cease no later than 2:00 a.m.

(2)   Establishments with sidewalk cafe permits shall only serve alcoholic beverages at sidewalk cafes during hours when food is served in the restaurant, shall cease sidewalk cafe operations at 12:00 a.m. and shall not be permitted to have outdoor speakers.

(3)   Commercial uses on rooftops shall be limited to restaurants only, shall cease operations no later than 11:00 p.m. on weekdays and 12:00 a.m. on weekends. and shall only be permitted to have ambient. background music.

(4)   Entertainment establishments shall be required to obtain conditional use approval from the planning board, in accordance with the requirements and procedures of chapter 118, article IV. Additionally, if approved as a conditional use, entertainment establishments shall be required to install a double door vestibule at all access points from the sidewalk, with the exception of emergency exits.

(5)   Outdoor bar counters shall be prohibited.

(6)   No special event permits shall be issued.

(b)   This section shall not apply to any valid. pre-existing permitted use with a valid business tax receipt (BTR) for an alcoholic beverage establishment that (i) is in application status prior to April 14, 2016; or (ii) issued prior to May 21, 2016; or (iii) to an establishment that has obtained approval for an alcoholic beverage establishment from a land use board. and which land use board order is active and has not expired, prior to May 21, 2016. Any increase to the approved hours of operation shall meet the requirements of this section.

Area effected by ordinance outlined in white, see map

Unfortunately these alcohol establishment are grandfathered for 5am : Rickys, Bodega, Wholes and Halves, Tanuki, Deweys 852 Alton Rd, Foxhole, Drunkn Dragon, Macchialina 820 Alton, Able & Baker 920A Alton Rd,

Alcohol Map 2AM