New Projects

I 395 – FDOT will undertake a $800 million project to upgrade the interchange at I395, I95 and I386, to begin in 2017  link

Alton Road

1824 Alton Rd

1750 Alton Rd – A hotel, same owners as 1231 17th Street Marriot which is next door. Will have 20+ new developments96 rooms, a restaurant, and rooftop pool.

1700 Alton Road – Historic site  renovated into a hotel or hostel.  Currently 70 apartment units with retail on ground floor, 33 surface parking spots deeded in the alleyway.

1698 Alton Rd & 1681 West Ave – Corner of 17th Street replacing the Shell gas station and surface parking lot, retail on ground floor and residential on upper floors.

1212 Lincoln – Retail, bank and restaurant complex on Alton Road at the corner of Lincoln Road replacing several mom & pop stores.

1575 Alton Rd – A 24/7 dinner and a nightclub serving alcohol outdoors until 5am replacing Firestone Tire.

1400 Alton Rd –  Renovation of a building that has been empty for a long time, retail or restaurant on ground floor, and offices on upper floor.

1334 – 1336 Alton Rd – 26 unit apartment building changing to commercial use.

955 Alton Rd –  450 seat Brazilian restaurant to replace the Ad School

929 Alton Rd – Mixed use building, residential and commercial replacing a vacant lot

835 -855 Alton Rd – Hotel replacing 20 unit residential building, in Flamingo Historic Westward Expansion area.

709, 721, 745 Alton Rd – Crescent Heights building on a temporary surface parking lot, the tenant will be Baptist Urgent Care

633 Alton Rd – Self storage facility to replace a temporary surface parking lot

600-700 Alton Rd – The Waves, Phase One, a seven story complex with retail and restaurants on the ground floor and apartments on the upper floors

500 Alton Rd – The Waves, Phase Two. This project is on hold, being redesigned, sort of, maybe.

West Ave Corridor

1535 Bay Rd – luxury town homes, broke ground 2017

1500 Bay Rd, Grand Flamingo

1231 17th St – New hotel, Marriot Extended Stay Residential Inn

1681 West Ave & 1698 Alton Rd – New development on the corner of 17th Street replacing the Shell gas station and surface parking lot, retail on ground floor and residential on upper floors.

1443 West Ave – Two story 10 unit apartment building built in 1936 to be converted into a 10 unit suite hotel, owner Belvis Cuerda of 242 Miami LLC. Broke ground summer of 2018.

1326 16th St – A residential building replacing a multi-family home

1311 West Ave –  Change of Use from apartment house to transient hotel. The existing 6 unit apartments converted to 8 unit suite-hotel.

1220 16th St – A nightclub and restaurant replacing a dry cleaner and glass store

1224 16th St – A bar replacing a laundromat

1321 15th St – 12 unit apartment building converted into hotel

1330 15th St – 8 unit apartment building converted into a hotel

1445 Bay Rd – A condominium with two units replacing a single family home

1435 Bay Rd & 1340 Flamingo Way – new five story residential building replacing two single family homes

1419 West Ave – complete renovation of 12 unit apartment building

1414 West Ave – (official address is 1312-1320 14th Terr.) Residential condo called 1414 West Beach to be built on a lot that has been empty for a long time.  A new developer took control in summer of 2015 some design changes made, 10 units instead of 7 will be built. UPDATE: building permit expired April 2016 and a new permit has not been files as of today 1/9/2017.

1255 West Ave – Bikini Hostel seeks a partner for hotel development

1235 West Ave – residential condominium to replace an apartment building

1231 13th Street – 3 unit apartment converted to a suite-hotel

1215 West Ave – a condo-hotel to be built on an lot that has been empty for a long time

1344 15th Terrace – new four-story residential building. DRB16-0049 10/10/2016

Monad Terrace – A deluxe condominium building to replace 14 single and multi family homes. Zoning allows a 16 story apartment building with restaurant, bar, retail stores.

900 & 910 West Ave – Southgate Towers is gutted and completely renovated and a waterfront restaurant and bar is added with access from 10th Street.