600-700 Alton, Waves (Phase I)

UPDATE May 5, 2015

Waves Phase One, Pahse Two, plus two properties to the east

The Waves recently acquired a piece of property to the north so the project is expanding into an existing surface parking lot. Another project by the same developer is underway on the east side of Alton Road, future home to a Baptist Outpatient facility.

600-700 Alton new proposal Dec 2014

600-700 Alton Rd new proposal to create a privately owned through street, Dec 2014.

Historic 5th Ave, Alton Rd, West Ave, MacArthur flyover 1958

Historic 5th Ave, Alton Rd, West Ave and MacArthur flyover, 1958. The tall white building on the bay is the old Floridian Hotel which was demolished in 1987.