500,600,700 Block

Update July 2018 – The developer proposal vs community group proposal

Developer’s proposal presented July 27, 2018.


Community group advocates for additional land to be deeded to the city for a public park and to have the city activate the park along Alton Road; and to have the city own the the property that runs as a covenant for Floridian parking spaces.


Timeline of non-development, see below.

The Waves – A seven story structure with two levels of underground parking to includes retail and rental apartments from 5th Street to 7th Street.


50 Story Tower – After the original Waves plan was approved, the developer proposed instead a 50 story tower surrounded by privately owned green space that was 50% water (see bottom picture). The tower was denied by the city commission.


The Vitri, 2003 – Blast from the past, remember the Vitri Condominium? This was a low intensity project approved for the 500 block, see below. Some units were sold during per-construction but this project went bust shortly after.


In 2005, the city vacates 500 block alley to developer, 6,005 SF, in exchange for easement for a pump station and a pedestrian walkway over 5th Street, Resolution 2005-25869. Reaffirmed in Resolution 2013-28343. Since then, the city has built the pump station on the southeast corner of the 600 block.


Historic 5th Ave, 1958 – The tall white building on the bay is the old Floridian Hotel which was demolished in 1987.