WoW Proposal

A developer is proposing to up-zone a 5 1/2 block area in the West Ave Neighborhood. Among other changes, it would add commercial to what is currently a resident only zone.

The proposal, called WoW (West of West Avenue), is located between West Avenue and Bay Road and includes these side streets: 14th Street, 14th Terrace, Flamingo Way, 15th Street, 15th Terrace, and 16th Street.

The WoW proposal will be discussed at the Commission Meeting on Wednesday, February 13, 2019. And the developer will make a presentation Sunday, March 10, 2019 during Commissioner Ricky Arriola’s “Run with Ricky”. Commission Ricky Arriola is sponsoring ordinances changes for the WoW proposal.

The proposal includes converting 14th Terrace into a public park, creating a pedestrian walkway down the middle of each block, and allowing for larger lot aggregation.
The light blue box shows WoW project where proposed zoning change would take place.