Baywalk next to the Capri Condominium

Baywalk at Capri Condo

A neighborhood priority is to complete the Baywalk along the entire bay front from 5th Street to 17th Street. And to connect the West Ave Baywalk with South of Fifth, either over or under MacArthur Causeway.

Recently, the city negotiated an extension of the Baywalk with the condominium at 1450 Lincoln Road, which will extend over the water so as not to infringe on private property.

As new developments are created the remainder of the Baywalk will slowly be completed. More Information

It seems the city has permission for all sections behind condos except for one section. Summary below:

Baywalk begins at Bentley Bay Condo, 500 West Ave.

  • Completed – 5 Segments (3405 ft; 56%)
    Bentley Bay, Floridian, Waverly, Flamingo, Capri
  • Completed but not yet open to the Public – (650 ft; 11%)
    Southgate Towers
  • In process of being completed by developer- (160 ft; 3%)
    Monad Terrace
  • In process of being completed during West Ave Renovation Phase II – (115 ft; 2%)
    Lincoln Bay Towers at 1450 Lincoln Rd
  • Rights granted to the City, property owner was supposed to build and pay for this section but will not abide by agreement. (935 ft; 15%). UPDATE April 2018,

    Going north, Baywalk continues behind Bently Bay Condo.

    negotiations with developer to build baywalk are again underway.
    Mondrian, Mirador North, Mirador South

  • Rights granted to City, City must construct, City approved $300k for design & permit- (425 ft; 7%)
    South Bay Club
  • No rights or easements granted to the City – (340 ft – 6%) Bay View Terrace 1228 West Ave and Bay Garden Manor 1250 West Ave.

With some focus, all but the last category can be completed and open to the public in the next couple of years which would bring us to 94% completion.

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