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Workforce Housing, Trolley 1/9/2018

WAvNA Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2018, 6:30pm, Mirador, 1200 West Ave

 *Surface Parking Lot at 1623 West Ave (P23) – Presented by: Office of Capital Improvement Projects (CIP), and Housing and Community Development

Moderator explains that this is currently a surface lot and neighbors are concerned about a garage blocking views and about the effectiveness of turning city owned land into workforce housing.

Staff CIP describes the proposed building:

A 75-foot-tall structure and 1st floor retail and parking, 2nd floor parking, with a total of 90 parking spaces. The top 4 floors are 64,000sf with approximately 64 apartments.

None of the apartments will have parking, the 90 spaces are open to the public.

The city would fund $9M for entire shell of the structure which includes the $5M parking component, hence $55,000 per parking space. Then a bid process would choose a developer who would spend about $21M to buildout the workforce housing units. The developer would then own the apartments and the city would own the parking spaces. The apartments would be dedicated workforce for a certain number of years then revert to market price.

Staff at Housing and Community Development defines workforce housing:

Criteria to qualify for workforce housing is income level, generally $50k-$70k for individual, and $64k-$90k for a family of three. The tenant would have to work on the beach. And another criteria being considered is work field;  for example a city employee or be employed in a life safety occupation like nurse, police officer, and fire personnel.

The purpose of workforce housing is to create affordable housing for families that work on the beach and also to reduce commuter traffic.

After the private developer’s workforce obligation terms out, the apartments would convert to market price. The number of years the workforce housing remains was unknown.

An audience member stated that it was discriminatory and illegal to exclude certain tenants with certain occupations and require that tenants must work on the beach. Housing Dept representative disagreed.

A vote was taken by show of hands and membership unanimously opposed at 1623 West Ave, a parking garage and opposed workforce housing.

*Condo Directors Club

Announcement by Chairperson Tim Carr that the next meeting is Jan 22nd at 6:30pm at 1200 West Ave at Mirador Condominium community room.

*Pause West Ave Improvement Project Phase II

Commissioner Mark Samuelian explained that the city is using a consultant to review all previous and current flood prevention projects in order to get a second opinion. Therefore, the West Ave project will be paused until results of report are complete. (Update – Public Works Dept states the report will complete end of this March)

*New Citywide Free Trolley –  Pros and Cons.

The Transportation Dept was present to hear from a dozen members that commented. Member remarks: the trolley should have a second door, front seats are too high, aisle too narrow for handicap, drivers take long rest time breaks, wait time for trolley 30 minutes, we can walk faster than the bus, drivers do not speak English, too crowded and many forced to stand.  (Update 1/20/2018 to the previously announced changes. After feedback from the community, South Beach Loops A and B are being extended to the Collins Park neighborhood, however, the Via 10th Street Loop will remain as is. Expect the average service frequency to now be 20 minutes on those loops. Beginning Monday, January 22)

*Miami Beach Crime Prevention & Awareness Group

Unfortunately, we ran out of time so this group will return at next Wavna meeting, Feb 4th.

* Meeting Adjourned

Note: Video 1623 West Ave garage/workforce housing appeared at Commission Jan 17, 2018


Candidate Gongora, STR, Ht Increase 4/4/2017

WAvNA Meeting Minutes
April 4, 2017, 6:30pm, The Waverly, 1330 West Ave

*  Candidate for Miami Beach Commission, Michael Gongora, described his qualifications. Gongora is an attorney, a former commissioner, and a former candidate for mayor.

* When asked if illegal short term renting was taking place in their condo building, 75% of membership raised their hand.

Methods to stop illegal short term rentals and collecting evidence was discussed.

– Report the rental for illegal homesteading to Dade county tax assessor (786) 331-5321.

– Post a sign in your lobby stating that short term renting is illegal in your building.

– Confront renter, ask them to post a low rating on STR website, in the comment section state that it is illegal.

STR Monitoring described how their company helps collect evidence against illegal short term renters. For a monthly fee as low as $77 a month they will monitor and collect evidence of all units that STR in your building. Contact 305-333-3659,,

Commissioner Michael Grieco put on his attorney hat and answered several questions from the membership. He stated that per state law, the maximum penalty a condominium can impose for any refraction is $100 a day not to exceed $1,000 a month. However, the city imposes their own violation fines which are up to $20,000.

* The owner of Box Coffee introduced his neighborhood coffee shop. With experience in the beer brewing industry, Box Coffee has developed a unique cold brewing process that they would like to bring to South Beach.  Owner, Lucas, seeks Wavna approval to replace the front wall of 1657 West Ave with a garage door.

* A height increase is being proposed on West Ave and Alton Rd; 5 feet in zone RM-1, 15 feet in zone RM-2, and 10 feet in the commercial zone along Alton Rd.  Note, last year the city commission approved a 10 feet height increase on Alton so this would be another 10 feet.  95% of the membership, by a show of hands, opposed any height increase. Wavna will invite the sponsor of the ordinance to explain their position.

* There was an update about the Hostel Ordinance. A suite-hotel is an apartment buildings that converts into a hostel. There does not seems to be enough commissioners to support a prohibition of suite-hotels, therefore, an ordinance to instead limit occupancy is being proposed; maximum 8 persons per unit.

* Wavna board director, Shawn Bryant described the success of the added trash cans and improved traffic control at Flamingo entrance.  Membership agreed that the Flamingo gates need to remain permanently open to allow cars to line up inside the property.  A member requested that trash cans at bus stops be adjusted so she can see the bus arriving.

*A request for volunteers to help Wavna in various capacities was made. Update, after the meeting six persons contacted Wavna to volunteer their time.

* Meeting Adjourned at 8:10pm



Terminal Island, Entertainment Litigation 2/7/2017

WAvNA Meeting Minutes
February 7, 2017, 6:30pm, The Waverly, 1330 West Ave
Chair: Travis Copeland, Board of Directors, WAvN

I. Call to order and introductory remarks, Travis Copeland

II. In attendance: Commissioner Rosen Gonzalez, Commissioner Grieco (later) and his assistant, Assistant to Comm. Aleman, Assistant to Comm. Arriola, City of Miami Beach: Eric Carpenter, Bruce Mowry, Jose Gonzalez, MBPD Captain David de la Espiella

III.Terminal Island project presentation: attorney Tracy Slavens of Holland & Knight. The related Group: Rory and Victor

Zoned IU-1, 1.0 FAR, 50 feet height. Seeking 17 stories, 300’ height,. Seeking zone IU-1 with a text amendment to allow the residential use on the waterfront as a conditional use.

Three lots will be unified for a total project area of 9 acres. Size of land is Miami Beach Port LLC = 161,716 SF/3.71 acres; City of Miami Beach = 94.090 SF/2.16 acres; FPL = 136,402 SF/3.13 acres.

The public benefit is that in exchange for using the city owned easement the developer will build a 395 parking space garage for city fleet vehicles and new vehicle maintenance facility and offices. Currently fleet has 80 surface parking spaces. Square footage of existing city buildings is 35,921 SF; after is 40,600 SF.

Conceptual plan is 5 levels of garage and podium and 17 stories of residential tower, maximum 90 units.  Have not designed the building yet, waiting for first round of approvals.  Expect to start drawings this summer.

Developer estimates the cost of construction is in the range of $15,000,000 for the new City facilities.  Additionally, freeing up parking in the garages around the City is an improvement that will benefit all City residents and visitors.

IV. Lawsuit against City Over Noise Ordinance & Entertainment Zones

Summary from Frank Del Vecchio: Bakehouse Brasserie at 801 1st St, played live music (saxophone player) prompting violation complaints from neighboring residents. Menin Hospitality filed suit against City City agreed to allow the live music, but Menin will pursue lawsuit objecting to entertainment zoning under “Freedom of speech” grounds .Would effectively topple all noise ordinances in the City Family connection explained between Russell Galbut/Crescent Heights/Menin Hospitality. WAvNA approached by South of Fifth Neighborhood Association (SOFNA) and Sunset Harbour Neighborhood Association (SHNA) to support their fight against Galbut/Menin to uphold noise ordinances and to compel City to hire outside counsel to handle the lawsuit.

Show of hands is unanimous support from WAvNA residents.  WAvNA then drafted and delivered a Resolution of Support to elected officials.

V. Streetscape update – Carpenter, Mowry, Gonzalez

A contractor has been recommended and will be referred to Commission March 1, 2017. Should Commission award contract, construction should commence in April. Will take two years to complete. Final streetscape design to be determined, town hall meeting will be held with neighborhood.

Questions on completed segments:
South of 8th Street – Why five vehicle lanes on West ave at 8th St and no bike lanes at all? Claimed that there wasn’t room and didn’t want to dead-end bike lanes. May reconsider – “It’s only paint”.

City directives is to create protected bike lanes only from 8th St to Lincoln Rd. Bike lanes on east side of street (in front of Post Office) are not protected, and thus regularly blocked by vehicles parking in them to use the Post Office. City is looking into adding protective bollards, blocking the illegal parking.

Dade Blvd raising and the West Ave bridge completion: June 2017

VI Statements from Commissioner Rosen Gonzalez

* Supports Terminal Island project, cites huge benefit to City
* Supports the City’s fight against Menin, will fight for our ordinances
* Supports our efforts to ensure City follows through with promises regarding bike lanes

VII Flamingo traffic update – Shawn Bryant

*Increased enforcement
*New signage
*Ultimate goal to compel Flamingo to open their front gates allowing passenger pick-up/drop-off onsite

VIII Various discussion and adjournment; next meeting Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Additional information: Article in the Herald,  “Late-Night Motion Marks Crescendo in Discord Over Miami Beach Noise Ordinance”


Train, Trolley, Water Taxi 1/3/2017

Tuesday, January 3, 2017
6:30pm call to order
Mirador, 1200 West Ave

Attending – Officer Deborah Martineau ; City of Miami Beach Winsome Bowen,  Jose Gonzalez, Milos Majstorovic, Code Compliance officer Manny;  Commissioner Malakoff, Commissioner Grieco, Aide of State Representative David Richardson


* Light Rail Update by Winsome Bowen, City of Miami Beach Deputy of Transportation -Based on resident feedback, the commission has changed policy. Instead of self funding a light rail that circles South Beach, the project will not move forward unless the county first funds a link from Miami Beach to the mainland and the project receives resident approval in a referendum. These steps will make it possible for the project to receive Federal and State funding.

* Trolley Expansion Update by Milos Majstorovic, Transportation Operations Supervisor (Trolley and Transit) , and Jose Gonzalez, Director of Transportation –  Service from the $.25 Local bus, run by the county, will end this year and the route will be seamlessly continued by the free trolley, run by City of Miami Beach. Twelve custom made “stepless” trolley cars, costing $3.6M, will run a circular route in South Beach, to include stops in Sunset Harbour, plus an east to west route on 11th Street will be added. This will all be accomplished by November 2017.  In the meantime, mid beach and north beach trolley has launched.

* Water Taxi Service Update –  Service began Dec 30, 2017. The route is Purdy Marina to Bayside and the Omni. The cost is $10 one-way, $20 round trip. For now, the taxi will only run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with plans to expand service throughout the week depending on the ridership.


* Ban Hostels in West Ave neighborhood-  Though hotels were banned in 2010, suite-hotel and bed & breakfast (which can turn into hostels), are still legal in our neighborhood.  The Commission shows no appetite to ban suite-hotel and bed & breakfast, instead the proposal is to create strict criteria such as limiting occupancy per unit.  The Planning Director stated at the previous Land Use meeting that the 2010 hotel ban already prohibited alcohol to be served in Suite-hotels and bed & breakfast.

* Developer is paying city $665k for an easement over Alton Alley (Near 17th Street) – Commissioner Arriola is proposing to allocate the revenue exclusively for West Ave neighborhood amenities. When several suggestion were presented, membership was strongly in favor of funding the Baywalk.

* Medical Marijuana – The commission is in the process of deciding where to allow the location and number of dispensaries in Miami Beach. Membership was generally in favor of locating dispensaries throughout the city, even in our back yard, Alton Rd. But several folks expressed concerned about safety (since it is a cash only business), and appearance of the outside of the building and the signage. Commissioner Michael Grieco (* that’s G-R-I-E-C-O) assured us that the commission is creating strict criteria to mitigate any of problems.  * You had to be there to get the joke.


* Illegal Short term rental Fines were increased for renting & advertising;  violation of 30 days or more change from $500 to $5,000.00. First offense of renting or advertising change from written warning to $1,000.  There was uncertainty if STR is banned in all three zones of our neighborhood, RM-3, RM-2, and RM-1. We will follow up on specifics of the law with Code Compliance at next Wavna meeting.

* Up Zone Dade Blvd and Purdy Ave to 90 ft height, currently 50 ft –  Planning Board 11/15/16 went against city staff recommendation and approved height increase. It was mentioned that that the Planning Board is stacked with developers and real estate agents who profit from over development, that there is little representation of resident concerns. Membership was distressed about height increases that may be proposed in our neighborhood.

* Terminal Island Project proposes height increase of 300’ height, currently zoned for 50’. Project includes residential, commercial, restaurant, and marina. There was discussion on whether there was a public benefit. The developer will make presentation at next Wavna meeting Feb 7th.

* New landscaping and lighting under the flyover. Commissioner Malakoff noted that more decorative lighting and beautification is still in the works.

* Miami Beach was re-districted so our new Congressperson is Illeana Ros-Lehtinen (R), was Debbie Wasserman Shultz (D).  Membership seemed aghast.

* Wavna Newsletter had 53 emails ending in bounce back. If anyone out there knows solution please contact . Note, Bellsouth uses the yahoo server.

* Residents other concerns included : proposed rooftop alcohol at 1212 Lincoln; Uber blocking traffic in front of The Flamingo at 1500 Bay Rd; a drone with camera flying near Mirador windows which infringes on privacy; loud motorcycles without mufflers drag racing on West Ave; loud dog barking from a boat docked near the Waverly; stop sign needed in front of the Bentley; traffic backed up on West Avenue approaching MacArthur Causeway because drivers not aware of dedicated lane; garbage and overall filth in front of Publix on 6th St; homeless issue seemed to improve.

* Meeting Adjourned

Neighborhood Walk 11/29/2016

4th Annual Neighborhood Walk

Date: November 29th , 4:30pm to 6:30pm
Began: 520 West Ave (in front of Soho Bay restaurant)
Completed: West Ave at 14th Street
Attending: 22 residents, City Commissioner Ricky Arriola and Commissioner Michael Grieco; Aide for State Representative David Richardson; Aide for Commissioner Arriola, Erik Chiroles; Aide for Commissioner Steinberg; City staff  – Claudia Rodriguez (Communications); Chief Dan Oates (Police), Captain Della (Police), Fire, Roger Buell (Assistant City Engineer), Josiel Ferrer (Transportation), Public Works, Daniela Tamayo (Homeless).

As the group walked north from 5th Street, we noted comments and questions. City to answer questions and we will post answers here in blue, see below:

What is being built in the bay by a barge behind the Bentley Condo?

We noted that the Baywalk behind The Bentley and the Floridian was in good condition, No trash nor vagrants which had been a problem in the past. Chief Oates said he would have police patrol here if a problem arises.

What did the public get in return for vacation of 500 block alley which was 6,000 sf?

Several residents mentioned that an important need was a bridge over 5th Street at Alton; and a path to connect the Baywalk over or under MacArthur Causeway. What is the city doing to make this happen?

We observed that the narrowest section of West Ave is at the 500 block. City engineer confirmed that the width of the right-of-way on West Avenue is 70 feet wide except 5th to 6th is 50 feet and 6th to 7th is 60 feet wide.

We observed an 8 foot wide painted median at 600 block which encourages illegal parking by delivery trucks. Can the median be removed and replaced with a bike lane?

Staff mentioned the median at 600 block allowed safety vehicles to pass through. We argued that is illogical, how do safety vehicle enter or leave the 600 block when the painted median only exists at 600 block?

We observed new street lights located on sidewalk that could be relocated on the Bentley property. Can the city engineer find a solution?

A new mid block pedestrian walkway was created with paint between Floridian and South Bay Club. Can the city add “airport” lighting or elevated median?

It was noted that the hotel-condo at 1215 West Ave negotiated with the neighborhood for hours of operation for restaurant and rooftop pool.  Are maximum occupancy loads for bars and restaurants posted inside the establishment? Per Chief Chief Meizoso, Fire Prevention Bureau Chief: “Occupancy loads are given out to all assembly over 50 and must be posted, they are usually posted in the bar area or areas were guest cannot remove them”.

We noted that the pump stations at 10th St street-end were very large and blocked view of the bay. City engineer stated that landscaping will be created to hide the pump station. Commissioner Arriola will advocate for outdoor exercise equipment to be installed here. He said their is a particular brand that is very sleek and attractive. The pump stations have been covered with artificial grass.

Is it possible to have children friendly play equipment located at one of the street-ends?

Per city code or deed covenant, what are the restricted hours of operation for the future restaurant at 10th St street-end?

The Bikini Hostel has fixed several violations that were observed during last year’s walk.  Can Code Compliance remove the illegal outdoor refrigerators and bar counter? One week after the Neighborhood Walk, all outdoor alcohol, bar, refrigerators, LED lighting, and surfboards were removed.

The group was pleased with 14th St renovations. A row of Tamarind trees were planted on the south side, a species recommended by Wavna Tree Committee. And the city preserved a row of mature mahogany trees located on the north side, as promised by city engineer during last year’s neighborhood walk.

The Neighborhood Walk ended at happy hour at Semilla Eatery on Alton Rd.

New South Beach Police Captain 10/4/2016

WAvna Meeting Minutes
October 4, 2016, 6:30pm, The Mirador, 1200 West Ave
Directors attending: Gayle Durham, Shawn Bryant, Brian Keane, Corinne Kirkland             Officials attending: Resource Officer Deborah Martineau, Chief Dan Oates, Captain David De La Espriella, Representative David Richardson, Commissioner Michael Grieco, Candidate Jonathan Parker

I. Thank you to Claudia at Coral Cafe for sponsoring refreshments

II. Introducing the New Area 1 (South Beach) Police Captain, David De La Espriella

a. David’s nickname is Captain Dela
b. Relatively little crime in our neighborhood                                                                                  c. Problem with criminals from main land drive over here and rob people walking                 d. Crosswalk will be installed on Alton at 9th Street. And airport crosswalk on West Ave       e. Flooding on 10th St during Oct 10th rainstorm due to pump station vandalism
f.  Short term rental

1 Maximum penalty by condo assoc is $100 per day up to $1,000 per incident                 2 Police do not enforce condo by-laws prohibiting short term rental                                    3 Commissioner Grieco sponsoring ordinance making it necessary for all STR to receive approval by condo board prior to renting

III. South Beach Streetcar – presentation postponed due to staff in hurricane preparedness

IV. November Neighborhood Walk – date will be announced soon

V. New businesses

a. Cheese Course at Southgate Towers opening  January                                                                b. Yoga Studio at Southgate Towers opening soon                                                                         c. Juice bar on West Ave between 9th and 10th opening soon

VI. 1344 15th Terrace building demolished to make way for four-story residential apartments, Design reviewed at DRB 10/10/2016

VII. Palm Trees Chopped Down Down In Front Of Bentley

a. No Permits per Code Compliance                                                                                                     b. Bentley Manager Not Communicating With Residents Who Called Him                                c. Shawn Bryant to follow up

VIII. Developer at 600-700 Alton proposes height increase to

a. Zoned for 7 stories                                                                                                                            b. Developer offers greenspace in exchange

IX. Increase in annual storm water fee, as of 10/1/16, from $200 to $272 per home

X Head Shop 1422 Alton Road

                                                                                                                                                                    a. Not legal to sell marijuana in Florida                                                                                             b. Police investigation reveals store does not sell “medical marijuana”, actually sells products containing Cannabis Oil with THC content less than .3% which is legal standard       c.  Product will not get you “high”. It’s essentially a gimmick

XI.   Interest in creating pedestrian path over MacArthur Causeway at 5th Street. And having a conversation to move the Baywalk forward. Need neighborhood consensus. Negotiate with properties along the bay.

Wavna Board Meeting 9/7/2017

1) Nominate Travis voting board member- passes unanimously

2) What has Wavna accomplished in 2016:

Passed alcohol Ordinance to roll back hours of operation from 5am to 2am, created a tree committee that made recommendations for flowering and shade trees for West Ave renovation project, had West Ave re-striped from 3 driving lanes to two, had well attended member meetings with many elected officials and city staff, created visibility for local businesses through food and beverage sponsorships, developed close relationships with commissioners, city staff and new South Sector Police Captain, evicted abusive illegal dog breeder at 1425 Bay Rd.

3) What are our new goals

  • Pass hostel ban
  • Implement design created by Streetscape Committee and Tree Committee
  • Create pedestrian, bicycle safety committee
  • Create Short Term Rental (STR) Task Force – host a task force to educate neighborhood, on enforcement and laws, and to create solutions. Create illegal STR sign for condo lobby.
  • Revive Presidents Club
  • Add 3 board members

4) Agenda items for future Wavna meetings

  • Illegal short term rental
  • Transportation Dept – Jose
  • Bay Walk progress
  • Zika update
  • Formal agenda item every month to cover new projects and businesses

5) Volunteers Needed

  • monthly meeting print material
  • monthly meeting refreshments
  • monthly meeting: greeting, collect emails/sign-in sheet
  • Print sign in sheet, name tags
  • photographer
  • create happy hours
  • website – GAYLE
  • newsletter – GAYLE
  • social media – TRAVIS
  • tax return – BRIAN

6) Fund raising – SHAWN

  • Paypal, crowd funding, Amazon (besides cash can donate specific items)

Hostel Ban, Streetcar, Zika 9/6/2016

WAvNA Meeting Minutes
September 6, 2016, 6:30pm, The Mirador, 1200 West Ave
Directors attending: Gayle Durham, Shawn Bryant, Travis Copeland, Briane Keane, Corinne Kirkland
Call to order and introductory remarks, Gayle Durham, 6:35pm

I. Thank you to Ben Sarason & KW Property Management for sponsoring refreshments

II. Police Q&A – Officer Deborah Martineau

a. Captain Jones has been promoted, new officer in charge of South Beach is Captain
b. Pedestrian safety on West Ave: Need to find ways to educate drivers; currently focusing on school locations because of the start of the new school year
c. Airport-style flashing crosswalks: Commissioner Grieco spoke – their location will be on West Ave after West Ave road construction completes. He added that the flashing crosswalks coupled with our streetscape design will make West Ave much more pedestrian friendly with calmer traffic
d. Homelessness at construction at the end of 10th Street: Officer Martineau stated there are dedicated homelessness outreach officers, they have been to the location, but to please keep calling with questions or problems
e. How to report street light outages? Use the EGOV app

III. Zika spraying

a. Aerial spraying of NALED was to be done Thursday, Sept 8th
b. Commissioner Grieco strongly opposed to the spraying
c. Emergency town hall meeting called for Wed, Sept 7th, 10am, City Hall
d. [Update: Meeting was held, County agreed to delay spraying by one day, scheduled to commence Friday, September 9th, 5:00am]

IV. Hostels/Hotel Ban update

a. Dozens of buildings in our neighborhood can convert to hostels as-of-right
b. In July Commissioner Malakoff sponsoring a proposal to ban hostels/hotels at Land Use Committee but it was deferred until September 21st meeting
c. Please attend Sept 21st, or at least e-mail, City in favor of ban

V. Alcohol Ordinance

a. Commission passed our ordinance, limiting alcohol sales at new establishments to 2am (outdoor/rooftop to 12am)
b. Mayor Levine also pushing for 2:00am close on Ocean Drive

VI. Code Compliance with George Castell

a. Noise Ordinance is enforced 24/7 – available on (see link below)
b. Question about noise Swoops (the extended golf carts blasting music): Code Compliance cannot pull over vehicles, so those have to be called into the police
c. Short-term rentals: Please report violations to Code Enforcement because they can only act if people are actually on the premises: 305.673.7555

VII. Light-Rail Streetcar Proposal

a. Loop from 5th and Alton, down 5th to Washington, up Washington to 17th, back across to Alton and down to 5th
b. Representative from “Stop the train Miami Beach” spoke against plan, calling the loop the “train to nowhere,” criticizing the costs (~$500M), lamenting loss of parking
c. Representative from City of Miami Beach, Winsome Bowen explained the light-rail streetcar.

i. It is only a proposal, not a done deal
ii. Transportation Dept is looking at ways to provide more information to the public, including thorough updates RE technical studies, negotiations, environmental/traffic studies
iii. Public hearings tentatively planned for January and April 2017
iv. Train will be cross-compatible with “Baylink”
v. Bowen will come to October’s WAvNA meeting with a fuller presentation
vi. For more info, please visit

d. Mark Samuelian of Miami Beach United announced there will be a forum about the light-rail streetcar proposal on October 20th, 6:00pm, including officials and experts from all levels, both for and against proposal (see below)

VIII. Adjournment

For more information on topics above:

KW Property Management:

Miami Beach Police – South Beach resource officer Deborah Martineau:

Miami Beach EGOV mobile app:

Miami Beach noise ordinance via Municode:

Code Compliance phone number: 305.673.7555

Miami Beach streetcar proposal information:

Miami Beach United:

Alcohol Ordinance, Construction Update 2/16/2016

WAvNA Meeting Minutes
February 16, 2015, 6:30pm, The Mirador, 1200 West Ave
Chair: Gayle Durham, President, WAvNA
Guests: Joy Malokoff, City of Miami Beach Commissioner
Bruce Mowry, Engineer, City of Miami Beach

I. Call to order and introductory remarks, Gayle Durham, 6:25pm.

II. Police Q&A – Jones and Martineau
a. Motorcycle noise enforceable: Yes, at 100 feet
b. Leafblower noise: Commissioner Grieco wants to phase out gas-powered blowers, as has   been done in other communities
c. Pedestrian safety: Enforcement earmark money has shrunk, but City intends to hire civilian “road rangers” to assist in enforcement (including writing tickets)
d. Lighted crosswalks across West (like those at airport): Grieco is requesting but not approved yet
e. Increased presence of homeless: Contact police, they have two outreach officers
f. Noise complaints: Call Code Compliance, after hours call police – they will dispatch; ask for an incident number
g. Gayle asked for drug and prostitution arrest stats on Ocean, but unavailable offhand

III. Alcohol ordinance
a. Noise complaints on West Ave have increased
b. Alton Road alcohol restrictions similar to those of Ocean Drive and Washington Ave
i. 5:00am closing time
ii. No noise mitigation mandates
c. Flamingo Park neighborhood supports tightening restrictions, too
d. Comments from Mitch Novick, owner of Sherbrooke Hotel, 901 Collins Ave: Believes quality of life on Ocean/Collins has gone downhill, documents bad behavior, strongly advises West Avenue to asked for increased zoning protections
e. Comments from residents living next to noise at Bodega and Mondrian
f. Commissioner Malakoff’s suggestions
i. Limit hours outdoor to midnight
ii. No 5:00am licenses (suggests indoor 2:00am instead)
iii. No outdoor speakers
iv. No outdoor bar counters
v. Restrict hours of rooftop bars/restaurants – 10pm weekdays, 12am wkends
vi. Regulate garage door openings
vii. Balance the needs of residents and businesses
viii. Possibility of off-duty officers patrolling, as has been done at Purdy Lounge
g. Question: How long to pass?
i. Has to go through City process – Land Use, Planning, Commission, etc
h. Commissioner Gonzalez: Residents should speak out in support of proposal, which will increase chances of success
i. MBPD Mid Beach Captain Paul Acosta: Police support these efforts
i. prevention versus correction
ii. 5am nightclubs increase crime

IV. West Avenue construction update: Bruce Mowry, City Engineer
a. Phase 2 divided into two parts – 14th to Lincoln, and 14th to 6th
b. Each part will be bid separately
c. The intersections at 14th and 6th /Phase 1 will require a few more months of construction before completion
d. New fee? Only if property cannot handle its own runoff and requires connection to City’s stormwater system (“in lieu”) – property will incur monthly usage fee
e. Street raised higher than promised? No, target elevation is still the same
f. Bidding on Phase 2 will begin in April, contractor selected by late summer, construction to commence late 2016/early 2017
g. West Avenue Bridge – currently in procurement, will include sidewalk, possibly include additional pedestrian bridge extending from Lincoln Court
h. Streetscape design recommendations are being presented to Commission March 9th
i. Travis Copeland (WAvNA Board Member/Streetscape co-chair) reminded and strongly urged every individual property to schedule one-on-one meeting with Bruce Mowry to discuss concerns specific to the property (approximate road height, etc)

V. Next WAvNA meeting: March 1st, 1200 West Avenue – 6:00pm appetizers, 6:30pm call to order

VI. Adjournment


For more information:

City of Miami Beach E-Gov App: Use your smartphone to report issues (noise, parking, etc) to City:

City Engineer contact information:


Letters by Wavna Residents – Noise, Alcohol, Nightclubs

RE: Deterioration on West Avenue

For the past 5 years there has been a an increase in noise from alcohol establishments for residents on West Ave.  Our corridor has been left out of the alcohol restrictions that have been placed in Sunset Harbor and South of Fifth and that is why the West Ave corridor has deteriorated.  Loud music, groups of party animals are taking over the West Avenue corridor, a place where working residents reside.  We were never a tourist destination, we need safeguards.

Small mom and pop stores and restaurants with owners residing in the area kept West Avenue a hip, modern urban residence.  Now large delivery trucks and super size tourist buses double parked in the road are everywhere. It was inappropriate decision to allow Bikini Hostel to operate,  and Mondrian Hotel.

I would like more restrictive alcohol hours of operation built into the ordinance, and a peaceful neighborhood after midnight on weekdays even by 11 pm.  Or else we will need to hire 500 more code enforcement officers to deal with the noise from bars.  Absurd!

Make the changes to limit noise by limiting hours of operation, especially outdoor alcohol  in our residential neighborhood .


Subject: bar noise

My experience during Code Compliance night calls is that you have to demand to speak to a supervisor. I have complained in the past that one of the employees who answers the phone does not send out code inspectors or if he does, he does not tell you that the code officer wait in the area without your phone number given to them expecting to meet you.  The code inspectors then call in that the resident is a no show and the complaint is never recorded.

I found out by accident when I went out to video the disturbance after calling in the complaint and found the code inspectors standing outside the property of the violator.  The code officers stated they were waiting for the resident who had called.  I identified myself as that resident and asked them why I had not been told to meet with them.  They did not know. I asked if they were given my phone number for contact as I had left it with the person taking the complaint on the phone, they told me NO. I did make a complaint with the department and the supervisor.  A review was made.  It appears that the same employee is up to his old tricks. So at night, speak to a supervisor and she will make sure the inspectors meet with you and write a complaint up.


Subject: Alcohol ordinance

I have lived 20 years at the same place at Lincoln Bay Tower, 1450 Lincoln Rd.

At no time before the opening of the Gaythering Hotel, we had such nuisance of people gathering outside, queuing and being extremely loud until 2:00 am.

When the Gaythering came to present his project, they insured us that it wouldn’t be a bar or “night club type” hang out, no cars parking in the street and just occasional events. We never thought that alcohol license was to be granted until 2.00 am (seems that it can be authorized until 5am), and that people will be lounging, smoking, being dropped off and talking very loud at least once a week.  We can hear from our bedroom even with hurricane windows.

We are residential area and don’t want our area to become Washington, Collins and Ocean Drive.  There are enough partying/night clubs areas in Miami Beach without disrupting our residential neighborhood.

We have tried for one year to call the city code compliance…and met with Mr. Santos Alborna to clarify. Code compliance send us to police, and no action taken and no record made.

It’s so frustrating to get the run around, to have to talk to a supervisor, and to feel that no one is concerned about the nuisance.

The city shouldn’t allow small hotels to open, to have bars and to serve alcohol in a residential neighborhood.

Neighborhood can’t be “treated” differently, South of Fifth vs. WAVNA.


Subject: Land Use Committee 2/17/16 alcohol establishments West Ave, Palm View

Of course entertainment, bars and restaurants bring money into Miami Beach, but when uncontrolled, cost more than they bring in through the need for additional policing and emergency responses, damage to neighboring properties and parks, reduced property values, and reduced productivity of residents who cannot sleep.

I have witnessed fights, screaming, and drunken patrons from the Purdy Lounge urinating and hurling beer bottles in Maurice Gibbs park. Please believe, they patrons of such establishments are NOT bringing a lot of money into Miami Beach, and cost more than they bring in.

Very truly yours,


Subject: alcohol ordinance discussion at planning board meeting

Dear Commissioners,

RE: West Ave Overlay Alcohol Ordinance

I am angry & upset that we even have to create ordinances like this, it does not take any more studies or investigations to figure out that bars & night clubs adversely affect a residential area.

How would you like to live a block away from a club that stays open until 5 in the morning & when people stagger out drunk & crazy they cause problems for folks who live nearby

My only recourse is to call code enforcement and this is not a good way to live. Now you are allowing all kinds of late night establishments to intrude even further into this section of town, the former firestone on 16th & alton, the nightclub on 16th?  We  have enough problems with collins & ocean & Washington you want to create more problems in other hoods.

I am a Miami Beach native born & raised…MBHS class of ’58. I find it abominable that my home town is being harvested for money without caring or planning for the health & welfare of the local inhabitants we’re just sitting ducks & you are methodically killing us off by allowing intrusion of non-residential businesses that bring all sorts of loud, unsavory, party-time establishments to infiltrate residential zones.

This not in the best interests of the residents. It is time you stood up to protect the public.


Subject: alcohol ordinance discussion at planning board meeting

Dear Commissioners,

The residents of South Beach are the victims of decisions made to transform our residential area to an entertainment district. Our neighborhood is being ransacked and relegated to noise, trash and party time shenanigans.

My home is my largest investment.  You are supposed to be looking out for your constituents: those who live and work in this neighborhood.  Instead, you are allowing it to morph into something totally foreign to residences and small service establishments.

I don’t want any more bars or nightclubs.  I need service stores so my neighborhood has all the conveniences of comfortable living in a residential area.

Please rethink what you’re doing.


Subject: IN FIRM SUPPORT of a West Ave Neighborhood Alcohol Ordinance

To Whom it May Concern,

We are strongly against the allowance of West Avenue to become a new entertainment district. We have owned and lived here full time for ten years. We are also business owners in South Beach.

We think we need limitations like in effect in other parts of Miami Beach. (Example: Sofi and Sunset Harbor)

There is a reason we live on this side of the beach and don’t see a real tangible need to expand the tourist party district. It will increase crime, garbage, noise, etc.

We need not describe what riffraff will come, you and I have seen it stumbling around as we go about our morning business.

This “development” will displace more Miami Beach residents in the name of fun and profit for a few people who don’t call this home.



Subject: a call for assistance

Hi, I’m very glad to have found your organization as I’m interested in contributing to the maintenance of West Avenue as a resident-friendly location to live.

We own on West Avenue. Last summer we were asked, by mail, to comment on a “super graphic” proposed for a small space around the corner. The graphic seems fine and the little taco shop there is popular and pleasant.  We were not made aware, however, that a large, secret after hours lounge/club/bar was being constructed behind it.

Our main complaint is the sound of the bass from the music in the club.  This has really impacted our ability to sit outside on our deck and keeps us awake at all hours.  Our tenants are also complaining and we feel this impacts our ability to rent the spaces in this building. Yesterday, the beat went on all day so that we couldn’t sit outside and read the Sunday paper.

This is a vast change from the way the space was used before.


Dear Resident

RE: Bodega 1220 16th Street

I am sorry for the unpleasant experience that is unfolding next to your apartment building.

The Bodega is zoned CD-2 which allows loud music (called Entertainment Establishment) and serving alcohol until 5am. That is unfortunate because your property next door is residential.

The operator did not have to appear before any city board to obtain permission for any  uses, i.e. alcohol and loud music.

The Fire Department determined the maximum occupancy of Bodega as 190 persons. If maximum occupancy was 200 then a permit would be required and the city could limit hours of operation. But that didn’t happen.

Here is the good news, the city is responsive to resident complaints and Wavna is in the process of lobbying the city to change laws so that residents can experience quiet enjoyment in their   homes.  It is important to change the laws because this developer also purchased 6 other properties on Alton Rd and we would not want to see 6 more nightclubs.

Keep calling code compliance for noise, and remember the Code officer expects you to stand outside and wait for them to arrive so they can discuss the noise complaint with you (yes even if it is 3am and you are in your pajamas).

Regards, Gayle Durham Wavna, President