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WAvNA – Restripping 2/3/2015

February 3, 2015, 6:00pm, The Waverly, 1330 West Ave
Presenters: Enrique Tamayo, FDOT and Eric Carpenter, Dir. Public Works
Minutes by Travis Copeland

Enrique Tamayo, FDOT

I. Alton Road Project

a. Accelerated portion (8th to 17th) completed early, though some final work remains

i. Blending high sidewalks to the lower street
ii. Medians in some areas mostly to stop unsafe left turns

b. Current focus is Dade and north

i. Tomorrow there will be two lanes in each direction north of Dade Blvd
ii. Turning at 20th St restored
iii. Remaining will be final asphalt, signals, lighting, and water main (being coordinated with City)

c. Alton will experience single-lane closures in spots in order to complete finishing work
d. Afterward will come 5th to 6th

i. Construction waiting on pump station to go below Alton at this location, which is a redesign not originally included in plan

e. 14th Street pumping stations – both City’s and FDOT’s – nearly completely installed

i. There will be closures on West to lay pipe across
ii. City will be making improvements on 14th
iii. More discussion on 14th Construction below

f. 10th Street pumping station will also require a pipe laid across West, near Whole Foods
g. Estimated order of completion: 14th, then 5th-6th, then 10th
h. Full project will be completed this summer, no later than end of August

II. West Avenue Restriping

a. Original plan

i. Repave then restripe
ii. Scheduled for end of Alton Road project

b. Restriping could be done now

i. Repave AND restripe now
ii. Just restripe now (save expense of repaving now just to tear it up again for West Ave reconstruction, but return West Avenue to one lane in each direction)
iii. Problem: The current condition of the asphalt on West Avenue may not be able to handle restriping, which requires sandblasting existing road markings then repainting the new ones

Eric Carpenter, Miami Beach Department of Public Works

I. Goal is to not waste funds, coordinate with FDOT to use money smartly
II. West Ave Phase I

a. 17th St between West and Alton
b. West Ave from Lincoln to 17th
c. West Ave from 5th to 8th

III. Discussion of the future of temporary traffic measures on West

a. Including:

i. Traffic light at West & 14th
ii. Pedestrian crossing at 12th
iii. Pedestrian crossing at 9th

b. City wants to make all three permanent (requires approval of County)
c. Whether or not they stay affects the final striping
d. Currently studying to see if the three are warranted
e. If study results favorable, 14th will probably get lights

IV. Primary question: Can the restriping and resurfacing be done separately?

a. If asphalt on West can withstand restriping without resurfacing, then that might be attempted
b. Repaving money would be saved and spent later

Summary of Audience Questions:

A. Businesses on West from Lincoln to 17th: All parking will be accessible, and City is pursuing an aggressive work schedule (possibly even including 24/7 construction); Venetian closure this April or May should alleviate some traffic

B. Current traffic study will not take into account potential traffic changes after the West Ave bridge is built: A new traffic study can be done later

C. Who has jurisdiction? County: MDC Home Rule Charter gives County priority over all regional traffic control, such as signs, stripes, and speed limits. The County maintains all traffic signals.

D. If kept, will the temp pedestrian crossings and 14th Street light look the same? Pedestrian crossings will probably stay same, but if 14th St light is approved it will probably have to be on a mast (metal pole in ground rather than strung between poles)

E. Does restriping now necessitate removal of the light at 14th? Yes: restriping will be done with light removed (or at least planning that the light will be removed). The existing temporary light belongs to either FDOT or the contractor and will be removed regardless. If a light stays at 14th, it will be a new light installed by County

F. Contractor for West Ave from 5th to 8th and Lincoln to 17th will be Bergeron, remainder TBD

G. If restriping is done now, it will look the same as it did before Alton project began (one travel lane each way, turning lane in middle, etc.) – no changes/additions (no bike lane, etc.)

Results of straw poll: Approx. 50%-plus of audience members voted that restriping should be done as soon as possible.

Wavna – Vote Streetscape Timeline 10/21/2014

Minutes of the Meeting
October 21, 2014, 6:00pm
The Waverly, 1330 West Avenue
by Travis Copeland

I. Welcome by Helen, President of Waverly Condo Association

II. Road construction/projects updates: Eric Carpenter, Public Works Director, City of Miami Beach; and Bruce Mowry, City Engineer, City of Miami Beach

a. City’s pump at 14th Street installed; state/FDOT pump installation at 14th to commence within next 60 days, to be completed by early summer 2015. Greenspace at 14th and Bay (not officially designated as a “park”) will remain under construction in the meantime, no access for residential pet curbing

b. Alton Road accelerated construction (between 8th and 17th) complete by end of year, then will focus on 5th to 8th, and north of 17th.

c. New pump station on 6th Street is underway

d. West Avenue Bridge (connecting West Ave to Dade Blvd)

1. Timeline to be determined – no imperative/mandate, funding not available yet and timeline flexible

2. Bridge will be arched, contain architectural elements, with six-foot clearance at high tide

3. Traffic study supports construction: the intersection is a choke point

4. Will include pedestrian access

e. West Avenue Reconstruction

1. Will be a complete gut and reconstruction of underground( water pipes, electric, sewer) and above ground (sidewalks, roadway, curbs, lighting)

2. Improvemets will be wider sidewalks, a bikepath, better lighting Timeline: 24 months total, 6 months of design work and 18 months of construction, “right on the heels” of Alton Road project (see “V” below)

f. Sunset Harbor improvements in the works iv. Venetian Causeway closure/rebuilding has been delayed

III. Introduction of new South District Captain Jones

a. Bikini Hostel: MBPD has investigated complaints of underage drinking, and drug use and dealing, found no underage drinking, but certainly drug sales/use b. MBPD has new funding to enforce pedestrian right-of-way at night on West Avenue c. Other audience comments

i. Attendee doesn’t like the new lighted pedestrian signs

ii. Attendee wonders whether Bikini Hostel can sell alcohol so close to a school (religious school at 12th and West)

iii. Attendee wonders whether Bikini Hostel can be forced to close due to hypothetical accumulated code violations

iv. Attendee complains of unnecessary red lights on MacArthur Causeway v. Attendee voices support of Bikini Hostel

IV. Seth Bramson, Miami Beach City Historian

a. Miami Beach Centennial next year

b. Website: MiamiBeach100.com for information on events/celebrations

V. West Avenue Reconstruction timeline survey

a. City wants to know from residents:

i. Do we want to start West Ave reconstruction immediately following Alton Road project (summer of 2015)?

ii. Or do we want to wait two (or more) years after Alton is complete?

b. WAvNA will e-mail a survey c. Quick poll of attendees: Out of approximately 50 attendees, only about 3 opted for the “wait two years” option

VI. Introduction of “The Daily” – new coffeeshop/deli at 9th and West

a. Garage has conditional use permit allowing for only one kitchen on site, “The Daily” would require a variance

b. Not full-service but will sell food (ie, no waitstaff)

c. Hours: 7:00am to 10:00pm

d. All delivery trucks will unload in the alley (rather than on West Ave)

e. 70 seats, plus delivery

f. Opening: April 2015 g. Beer-and-wine license

VII. Recognition of Commissioner Malakoff

a. Malokoff thanked attendees for their participation

b. Addressed Bikini Hostel complaints: Code Compliance has sent undercover officers to investigate

c. [Note: Commissioner Grieco also in attendance but had departed by this time]

VIII. Adjournment:  7:10pm